Pig Handling

DNL Farms ltd.
White Fox, Saskatchewan, Canada


“We do the best we can with what we know, and when we know better we do better.”

Maya Angelou

For decades the pig industry has been teaching pig handling methods that do not apply in many farm and transport situations: methods that actually contribute to pig handling problems and worker safety issues. If we want handlers to move pigs humanely, safely, and effectively, we have to teach them pig handling methods that actually work.

Low Stress Pig Handling – LSPH – has evolved over the past twenty years. We have studied pig handlers at work in a wide array of situations in order to learn how handlers’ actions influence pigs’ response patterns. LSPH teaches handlers how to recognize and use the full range of pigs’ response patterns to move pigs more easily, safely, and with less stress for both handlers and pigs.

We started developing Low Stress Pig Handling in 1996 and have been teaching it since 2000 through conferences, presentations, workshops, on site video collection and coaching, on-line training, training videos, and our Low Stress Pig Handling blog.


Our Low Stress Pig Handling training has helped handlers:

  • reduce the time required to do routine pig moving tasks
  • reduce or eliminate the use of energized electric prods
  • reduce workplace injuries
  • improve workplace morale and reduced staff turnover
  • reduce trim and death losses
  • pass third party packing plant welfare audits