Pig Handling

DNL Farms ltd.
White Fox, Saskatchewan, Canada



Dave Uttecht, Owner of Heartland Pork LLC, Alpina SD:

Since we have adopted Nancy’s philosophies we have seen the following

  • Reduced stress on pigs while moving (less squealing)
  • Reduced stress on people while moving pigs (less sweating and shouting)
  • Fewer DOA at destination
  • Shorter loading times at the barn
  • Better design of loading and unloading gates
  • Fewer belly ruptures in feeder pigs due to piling
  • Less need for tools such as prods, boards, paddles, etc.

Bud and Eunice Williams: Nancy attended her first Bud Williams Stockmanship School in 1996. Back home she took videos of people moving pigs and brought them to us so that she and Bud could review them together. Nancy has been to several more schools over the years and has proven to be an excellent student. When they applied Bud’s methods, they said it was hard to believe that moving hogs could be that easy.

Curtis Possberg, OlySky L.P.: I really enjoyed last Friday’s session. I was pleasantly surprised by that because I initially thought “I’ve been working with pigs all my life, I know how to move them, why waste time teaching me what I already know?” he videos were especially helpful because I could see myself in them (good and bad).
For people just starting to work with pigs, the most stressful part would probably be understanding how to move pigs. Your Low Stress Pig Handling principles should be mandatory for all stockpersons.
Thanks again,

Temple Grandin: The pig industry has produced its first “pig whisperer,” a woman named Nancy Lidster, who has refined good pig-handling technique and produced videos and workshops. I hope her work will become better known.

From Dr. Grandin’s book, “Animals Make Us Human”; Note 18 for Chapter 6:Pigs

Jim Gowans: In the welfare world, your service is a compliment to our industry. Caring for animals takes more than words. The service you provide, coaching staff that work with swine, makes their job less stressful and more rewarding. Your instruction has helped change the word welfare from a noun to a verb in the pork industry. Thanks to you both for having the “balls” to start a new business after selling your herd and giving back your experience and passion for all of our benefit.

Sow Services Specialist: Load time at one of our nurseries dropped from 2 1/2 hours to less than 1 hour after your Pig Handling Workshop

Production Manager: The staff has used you techniques for handling sows and weaned pigs and say it is less stress on the pigs and on themselves. There are less people involved in the weaning process which allows other tasks to be completed at the same time.

Packing industry client: We wanted to improve meat quality at the plant. We brought in Nancy Lidster to observe and work with our barn staff. Our workers gained a much better understanding of pig behavior and the hogs could be moved in smaller batches more efficiently than larger groups which also reduced the stress on the animals.