Pig Handling

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White Fox, Saskatchewan, Canada


Our Services

Low Stress Pig Handling Workshop

Workshops are normally 4 hours long and include a written exam.

Workshop participants who receive 80% or higher on their exam receive a numbered certificate and are added to our Low Stress Pig Handling Registry. We can provide validation of a handler’s training and registration on request.

Low Stress Unloading

Practical Evaluation / Audit

On-site evaluation of individuals’ and teams’ handling practices and skills coaching to enhance performance.

Low Stress Pig Handling Course for Truckers

Available in the classroom – 4 hours

At the request of our transport clients, DNL Farms’ LOW STRESS PIG HANDLING COURSE FOR TRUCKERS is now available online. Trucking company trainers can register as facilitators to direct and monitor the progress of their trainees.

A good high speed connection is required for this course as video is used throughout. We demonstrate: factors that affect pig movement in the trailer, animal welfare audit requirements that apply to truckers, and LOW STRESS PIG HANDLING methods being used to load and unload all sections of a pot belly trailer. Access this course at www.dnlfarmstraining.com

Trucking Company Representative

This is meat and potatoes information that drivers need.

Presentations and Lectures

Our objective in all presentations is to provide information that will save handlers time and make their work easier and more enjoyable.