Pig Handling

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White Fox, Saskatchewan, Canada


Low Stress Pig Handling Workshops

Most handlers who have trouble moving pigs, aren’t paying attention to the right things.
Low Stress Pig Handling teaches people

  • what they need to be looking for
  • how to read pigs and anticipate pig responses
  • how to set up the pig responses that will help them
  • what to expect from their own instincts and how to avoid being derailed by old habits

Customized Workshops

We match workshop contents and videos to the handling responsibilities of course participants and to any specific concerns they want addressed.

We get highest impact when we can collect and use on-site video to show handlers the effects of their own pig handling practices. Plus handlers really engage when they see people, places and pigs they know.

Working with their survival instincts

Working with their survival instincts

Train the trainer:

Our train the trainer sessions go into greater detail and use video case studies to lead group learning and allow participants to apply Low Stress principles to a variety of situations. They also include take home video and other training materials that participants can adapt for teaching and troubleshooting according to the unique needs of their people and work places.

For more information call: Don or Nancy Lidster
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